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    Steve Harvey Gets Into The Holiday Giving Spirit!

    MorfBoard On The Steve Harvey Show
    What happens when Steve Harvey gets into the holiday giving spirit?!🤔 MORFBOARDS FOR EVERYONE!!! Thank you to the whole team at The Steve Harvey Show for all the love. We’re so grateful for the incredible moment. 🙌🤙❤️

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    Fatherly.com Thinks MorfBoard is One Sweet Ride!!

    Fatherly.com Thinks MorfBoard is One Sweet Ride!!
    "Skateboards skate and scooters scoot. Rarely does one do both. Which is why the MorfBoard from JAKKS Pacific is so cool. It’s a skateboard that not only converts into a scooter, but also a balance board and even a bounce board for catching big air. This means parents get four boards for the price of one, while kids can hone their skills indoors or out, rain or shine, all year long."

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