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Stick Your Tricks


Stick Your Tricks

Morf Skate’s deck is extra durable, with enough flex to absorb impact, yet rigid enough to pop an ollie. An all-around great skateboard, Morf Skate features solid aluminum alloy trucks for grinds, reinforced rails for durability and slides, and a built-in coring pattern for natural grip.

Shorter than a full-size skateboard, Morf Skate is perfect for younger riders. With a wide 8-inch deck, and larger, softer wheels, Morf Skate is stable, yet responsive.

Morf Skate takes your ride to the next level.

Lock and release technology


  • Cored-out truss pattern for sticky grip

  • Large 53mm wheels at 92A hardness for smoother, faster riding

  • Durable cast aluminium alloy trucks for riding and grinding

  • Performance ABEC-5 bearings